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Taylor Kitsch Battleship Interview
Taylor Kitsch Battleship Interview
What was it like working with Rihanna?

Taylor Kitsch

Yeah, good. She was game, man. And it goes down to Pete's process. And I think it's a good call for her, if she wants to take this gig and run with it, then you gotta - it's baby-steps. And I think it was a good call to work with a great director like that.
And Neeson, presumably, was a lot of fun?

Taylor Kitsch

Neeson's a man's man. We got along right away. I met in the make-up trailer and it was just right away, it was just like we were clicking. And we had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun trying to make him laugh. It goes down to that last scene in the film. Man, that's improv. That was a lot of fun.
Did you manage to break him?

Taylor Kitsch

I did break him, yeah.
And what about Alexander Skarsgard?

Taylor Kitsch

Such an amazing guy. Like one of the nicest people on the planet. You know, no ego, comes very prepped and just very supportive. Yeah, he was great.
How much work did you do on your brother relationship, beforehand?

Taylor Kitsch

We just really talked about it, because we didn't have that many scenes together, so it was a matter of just really trying to make the most of it without trying to be uber deep all the time. He would come over the night before to my place and we would just talk it over and go over the scene God knows how many times and just try and be like, 'Okay, here's a good beat we can do, blah blah blah.'
It's odd that you've got a romantic subplot [with Brooklyn Decker] and you're barely in any scenes with the character. What was that like?

Taylor Kitsch

That was even tougher than the brother stuff. But Brooklyn's a lot of fun to work with and she can bounce back when I go off book, which is a lot. And that's when you know it's going to be fun and it should work when she can just bounce back. And that was fun.
I did like the cut from “Here's your burrito” to the two of you being in a relationship. How much time was that supposed to be?

Taylor Kitsch

I think it was three years. I don't know exactly, but years. He got her. Sweet.
I have to ask – did you play Battleship, growing up?

Taylor Kitsch

Yeah. It was the old school really – the black ones – yeah. I enjoyed it.
What's next for you?

Taylor Kitsch

We got Savages, man. Oliver Stone's film with Travolta, Benicio Del Toro, Uma Thurman – that's a different side [to me] that anyone's seen, so buckle up.
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