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Review byMatthew Turner25/07/2007

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 87 mins

The big screen version is as good as three better-than-average episodes of the TV show, even if it doesn't quite hit the heights it's capable of.

What's it all about?
When Homer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) dares Bart (Nancy Cartwright) to skateboard naked through Springfield (a superb sight-gag sequence), it culminates in Homer adopting a pig (don't ask), which in turn leads to Homer dumping a silo of pig excrement into Springfield Lake, despite environmental warnings not to do so. The resulting ecological catastrophe prompts President Schwarzenegger (Harry Shearer) to seal Springfield in a quarantine dome, under the influence of his environmental advisor (Albert Brooks).

Naturally, the good people of Springfield blame Homer for their predicament, causing the Simpsons to flee Springfield and relocate to Alaska, but Marge (Julie Kavner) decides she's had enough of Homer's selfishness and decides to return to Springfield, unaware that President Schwarzenegger has authorised its destruction. Can Homer win back Marge and save Springfield before the town is destroyed?

The Good
As you might expect from The Simpsons, there are several excellent jokes, from witty one-liners to hilarious sight gags, clever film references and superb set-pieces, although it's a shame the trailer gives away the film's best moment (the Spider-Pig song).

The voice cast are all superb (which isn't surprising, considering how long the show has been running) and there are great celebrity cameos from the likes of Tom Hanks (If you see me in the street, leave me alone!) and Green Day, while Albert Brookes makes a good villain.

The Bad
Inevitably, with so many characters, several fan favourites get little or no screentime and it's also fair to say that there are a number of jokes that simply fall flat. Similarly, the plot doesn't quite achieve the emotional impact of the show's best episodes.

Worth seeing?
In short, The Simpsons Movie delivers plenty of laughs during its 87 minutes, but fans could be forgiven for feeling slightly short-changed.

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The Simpsons Movie
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