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Review byMatthew Turner18/07/2002

Three out of five stars
Running time: 82 mins

Entertaining children's film that hits all the right notes - funny, colourful and fast-paced, with terrific animation and an exciting climax.

After the surprise success of Stuart Little (adapted from the novel by E. B. White) in 1999, it was inevitable that a sequel would be on the cards. The good news is that animation techniques have come on in leaps and bounds since the original - these animators can really *do* fur now, and boy, do they want us to know about it.

An Injured Sparrow

The plot is pretty basic. Stuart (Michael J. Fox) feels lonely because George (Jonathan Lipnicki) makes a new friend, and wishes he could meet someone new. Then, literally, out of the blue, he meets Margalo (Melanie Griffith), an injured sparrow, who falls into the seat of his car while escaping from evil bird of prey Falcon (perfectly voiced by James Woods). Stuart takes Margalo back to the Little's to help her recover, but when Margalo goes missing, it's up to Stuart and grouchy family cat Snowbell (Nathan Lane) to rescue her.

As sequels go, Stuart Little 2 is extremely enjoyable, even if you didn't see the first film. The performances are all excellent, particularly the inspired pairing of Hugh Laurie (doing a decent American accent) and Geena Davis as Stuart's over-protective mother. The voice cast are all superb, too, particularly Woods and Lane, and there's a 'cameo' by Steve Zahn as 'Monty' the alley cat ("Are you guys still friends, or can I eat him?")

Flawless Fur

The animation is excellent, with flawless rendering of feathers and fur, as well as some enjoyable set pieces and an exciting climax. It also has a distinctive yellow-red colour scheme (particularly noticeable in the Little's clothing and house) that adds considerably to the look of the film.

There's a lot to enjoy here, with a succession of decent gags, ensuring that there are enough laughs for adults to compensate being surrounded by screaming children. (Be warned though, Falcon could be a little scary for the under-fives).

In short, Stuart Little 2 is an entirely respectable sequel and enjoyable slice of family entertainment that should be a big hit with kids. Recommended.

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Stuart Little 2
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